Like a fingerprint, no two gardens are alike. Each new garden is an opportunity for us to create a unique landscape which will enhance the site, maximize the use of the space and reflect the needs, desires and personality of the owner. The finished product is a one-of-a-kind work that brings joy and serenity to the owner and all those who come into contact with it.

In the planning stage, we spend time getting to know the site, the style and setting of the home, and, just as importantly, the needs and desires of the client. From there we work out concepts and begin to offer design ideas which sensitively and intelligently maximize the innate potential of the landscape.

From this planning stage, the design takes shape on paper. Depending on the scope of the project, plans are drafted for all elements of the landscape, so that nothing is left to chance. This includes hardscape features, irrigation, lighting and, of course, planting. Particular care is given to the selection of hardscape materials and finishes, which will work with the architecture of the home to be inviting and timeless. With the outline of the garden established, we next develop a plant palette for your garden, which will offer a year-round bouquet of color and texture to engage all who experience it.

Our construction team is an assemblage of creative, dependable individuals who work together to ensure a technically and stylistically perfect installation of the design. We often work with other craftsmen and contractors who will help us ensure superb completion of our vision.

Often the question arises, "I have a black thumb! Who will take care of all this when you are gone?" In response, we offer a periodic horticultural maintenance service for only the gardens we create. Our staff of trained horticulturalists can maintain your garden and ensure it remains the space we designed it to be.