Floriferous Landscaping owner Scott Graf has over 14 years experience designing and developing gardens in the the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. This experience, combined with a deep appreciation for painting, sculpture and architecture, allows Scott to look at each new job as an opportunity to create a new and original work of art.

Each garden is a living masterpiece, designed specifically for the setting's particular microclimate and for the architecture of the home, with particular attention paid to the individual needs and desires of the client.

As members of the Sea Ranch and north coast community, we understand the responsibility and desire we all have to be guardians of the environment that makes this place so special. “Living lightly on the land” takes many forms.

At Floriferous, our extensive knowledge of California native plants, particularly those indigenous to the coast, allows us to deftly create landscapes which blend seamlessly with the surrounding environment. At the same time, we can provide moments of interest and delight by placement of dazzling seasonal blooming, fruiting or otherwise interesting native specimens.

Whether you are building new, remodeling, wish to modify a view or simply enhance your surroundings, we would be delighted to have the opportunity to work with you. We can provide the necessary landscape plans and specification for submission to the Sea Ranch Association. When you are then ready for installation, we will ensure a professional and seamless implementation of the plan.